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Vergleichende Untersuchungen von röntgenologischen sowie arthroskopischen Befunden am Hüftgelenk des Hundes

Published: Hannover, Tierärztl. Hochsch., Klinik für Kleintiere, Diss., 2008
by Winkler, C.
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Address, presented by the carrier to the patrons of the Centinel of freedom. With the compliments of the season. January 1, 1799

Published: S.l., Printed by Aaron Pennington & Daniel Dodge, [1798]
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An introduction to spelling and reading : In two volumes.

Published: Printed at Boston, By I. Thomas and E.T. Andrews. Sold by them, at their bookstore, Faust's Statue, no. 45, Newbury Street; by I. Thomas, at Worcester; by Thomas, Andrews & Penniman, at Albany; and by Thomas, Andrews & Butler, at Baltimore.--, 1800-1801
The second edition, corrected and enlarged. Published according to act of Congress
by Alden, A.
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Affecting history of the dreadful distresses of Frederic Manheim's family : To which are added, the sufferings of John Corbly's family.--

Published: Philadelphia, Printed by Henry Sweitzer, for Mathew Carey, no. 118, High-Street, 1800. (Price a quarter dollar.)
by Folwell, S. | Maverick, P.
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