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Electronic Article

The influence of serotonin on fear learning

for PLOS ONE | Bd. 7.2012, 8, Art.-Nr. e42397, insges. 7 S.
by Hindi Attar, C. | Finckh, B. | Büchel, C.
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Electronic Article

Cooling induces phase separation in membranes derived from isolated CNS myelin

for PLOS ONE | 12(2017,9) Artikel-Nummer e0184881, 16 Seiten
by Pusterla, J. | Tanaka, M.
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Electronic Article

A five-species transcriptome array for oral mixed-biofilm studies

for PLOS ONE | 6(2011), 12, Seite 0027827-1-0027827-10
by Redanz, S. | Standar, K. | Podbielski, A. | +1
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Electronic Article

Comparative genomic analysis of mollicutes with and without a chaperonin system

for PLOS ONE | 13(2018,2) Artikel-Nummer e0192619, 13 Seiten
by Schwarz, D. | Adato, O. | Horovitz, A. | +1
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